Gabriella Morongiello of the Yaf blog recently visited Washington, DC where she was reminded of the liberal tolerance we’ve all come to know and love.

Liberals’ Lack of Civility Dooms Discourse Among Youth

I recently traveled to Washington with some immigration policy reformers. For three days, she and I trekked all over Capitol Hill discussing the controversial immigration reform bill with legislative aides and members of Congress.

Responses were varied: some listened intently as we expressed concern, while others simply nodded their heads apathetically.

However, none of these responses compared to the reaction of a young woman in the hotel elevator who caught site of the “Stop Illegal Immigration” pin I wore proudly on my blouse. During our short ride, I had become the recipient of a distasteful stare and murmur of disapproval. Although the icing on the cake was her unwarranted smear. “Racist,” she muttered as she exited the elevator.

This type of cowardly attack on my political views is something I have grown accustomed to as my encounters with the left are frequent. Liberals tend to make little secret of their distaste for my conservative ideology. I’ve been labeled a close-minded bigot and sexist. I have even been branded “naive” by a professor in the presence of a filled lecture hall. But racist? That was a first.

Having spent hours debating government spending, immigration reform and Obamacare, I’ve noticed, with few exceptions, that my liberal friends offer opinions derived from emotion and hyperbole.

“You oppose Obamacare? You must not care about poor people.” “You think global warming is a sham? You people who believe in creationism just reject science.”