Despite overwhelming evidence, leaders at UC refuse to admit the obvious.

Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix reports.

UC System Leaders Dismiss Massive Claims of Liberal Bias

Leaders of the University of California system have agreed to disagree with – and outright dismiss without discussion – a lengthy report that details examples of leftist bias by professors and within social science curriculums throughout the 10-campus system.

The 90-page report, released last year by the conservative California Association of Scholars, cited a long list of studies, empirical data, anecdotal evidence, course descriptions, faculty surveys and other proof to support its conclusion that efforts to promote so-called social justice and Marxist views have replaced true higher learning and academic debate.

But UC Regents, appointed officials charged with oversight of the 10-campus, 220,000-student system, recently stated through their board president that they not only disagree with the scholars’ findings, but they will not discuss the accusations in the report publicly.

“We have considered seriously your concerns and we respect your opinions, however at this point we simply disagree about these issues,” UC Regent Chairwoman Sherry Lansing stated in an April 5 memo to the association’s president, John Ellis.

She stated UC regents reviewed the report, dubbed “A Crisis of Competence; The Corrupting Effect of Political Activism in the University of California,” and that “the regents agree that no board action be taken on this issue.”

Lansing’s comments came roughly one year after the report’s publication, as well as after pressure by the association to address the issue. After it was released, more than a dozen articles on its claims were published, and the report gained a variety of praise and criticism.

Ellis, in an interview with The College Fix, lambasted UC regents for refusing to debate the issue, noting they are responsible to the public to answer for the systemic problems the survey identified.

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