Nathan Harden is the editor of the College Fix and College Insurrection has linked that site many times.

Recently, Mr. Harden wrote an essay for Minding The Campus in which he offered numerous examples of abusive use of student fees on college campuses.

Student Fees, Snooki, and a Drag Queen Superstar

Like a creeping mildew on a shower wall, student fees easily go unnoticed. Yet they grow relentlessly until, one day, you look down in total disgust and there they are.

What are student fees next to the mountains of cash poured into tuition, room and board? A few hundred wasted dollars every year among tens of thousands. But just like mildew, even a little student fee waste is entirely too much once you realize what you’re buying.

Here are a few examples:

At Cornell, $7000 in student fees helped pay for a recent incarnation of an annual campus party called “Filthy/Gorgeous,” an event designed to “celebrate the LGBTQ community.” A campus news report details the notable features: “A bin of condoms sat on the table for people to take as they paid the $3 entry fee. Half-naked male and female dancers, some who work at the Splash Bar in New York City, were hired to get the crowd excited by sporadically kissing one another on stage and also by kissing members of the audience — regardless of gender.”

An annual outdoor rock and hip-hop festival at Cornell called “Slope Day,” is funded by more than $200,000 worth of student fees.

At Washington University in St. Louis, $10,350 in student fees went to pay for “A Night With the Stars: Life, Love, and Sex in the Workplace.” The “stars,” of course, were porn stars. And the goal of the event (which was ironically hosted in the campus chapel) was to educate students about careers in the sex industry. Apparently, when one porn star asked who in the crowd was interested in a career in porn, three students stood up. Proves good jobs are hard to find these days. One wonders if the school’s undergraduate career services office picked up part of the tab for the event.