A different professor at USC was busted for this same thing a little less than a month ago.

Now Oliver Darcy and Josiah Ryan of Campus Reform report strike two.

‘Serious intellectual & mental problems’: Another USC prof caught on video slamming Bush, berating conservatives

A second professor at the University of Southern California (USC) has been caught on video using his political science class as a platform for bashing conservatives.

In the video, Political Science Professor Richard Dekmejian claims former President George W. Bush suffered from mental instability and stupidity during his time in office.

Bush was bound by “serious intellectual and mental problems,” he said before going on to claim Bush must have been “stupid or lying” to initiate Operation Iraqi Freedom for the reason of promoting democracy.

Dekmejian also alleges Bush dodged the draft when he was a young man because he was busy “getting drunk and high” and was “lazy for the first several months when he came into the presidency until 9/11.”

Here’s the video.