No double standard here. After all, everyone knows what a great sense of humor radical Islamists have about cartoons, right?

Nathan Harden of The College Fix reports.

Hamas Student Union: ‘Jews are Trash’

If you so much as publish a cartoon of Muhammad, it has been proven to ignite riots and inspire violent attacks and assassinations around the world. But when it comes to denigrating Jews, radical Islamists appear to be much more open to the principles of free speech and free expression.

For example, the Hamas Student Union in Gaza published a disturbing cartoon today, depicting a stick-figure throwing the star of David into a trash can. Judith Levy reports at

It’s a cartoon that was published today by al-Kutla al-Islamiya (the Islamic Bloc), the Hamas-affiliated student union in Gaza. The figure is constructed out of a Palestinian flag, and he (it?) is dropping a Star of David into a garbage can. The text is translated by Arutz 7 to read, “Keep the world clean.”

Note that Pal-man is not dropping an Israeli flag into a trash can. He is dropping a Star of David into a trash can, which represents Misty Rabinowitz in Shaker Heights as readily as it represents any of us here in Israel.

The Hamas student union apparently operates in high schools and universities throughout Gaza…