In the wake of the discovery that the Boston Marathon bomb was constructed from items that included a pressure cooker, conservative commentors remarked that it would only be a matter of time before someone proposed a ban on this kitchen staple.

Queue “Liberal Chick”, who promotes herself as a “right wingers worst nightmare. I’m helping liberals everywhere understand what they believe and exposing conservatives for who they are.”

Her approach is fascinating. She says we need to ban pressure cookers, because she feels that “they are what caused the Boston bombing”. When asking for signatures, she simply asks students if they are against “bomb making material”.

Liberal Chick is back and wants Leftist to sign a petition banning pressure cookers banned in light of the Boston Terrorist Attack. The sad thing is she finds dozens of college students ready to outlaw them (via Doug Giles).

Pressure cookers are evil: They have even caused house fires! Therefore, “restaurants and stuff” should be the only ones to have the appliances.

One student did challenge her; a beautiful and smart co-ed pointed out they are required to do effective cooking at high altitudes. This savvy scholar continued to mock “Liberal Chick” about the dangers of the sun.

Best video moment: When she shows off her Obama T-shirt and says, “Daddy’s gonna be so proud of me.”