This is stunning to watch.

A young woman, presumably a student at Ohio State, completely wrecks a pro-life display which had just been set up on campus.

Todd Starnes of FOX News Radio has the story.

Vandal Destroys Pro-Life Display at Ohio State

An enraged  college student destroyed a pro-life display at Ohio State University and the entire incident was captured on video.

Campus police are investigating the incident that occurred on Tuesday morning on the university oval.

The pro-life group Created Equal had set up a number of images showing aborted babies – part of their pro-life campus outreach.

At some point a female students begins systematically vandalizing the display.

“You want n overpopulated Earth,” she screams at the pro-lifers. “If you want to keep paying taxes for babies that are born to crack heads? You really want that? You really want a population that was born on drugs – born on welfare? You want to pay for that sh**”

Language Warning