Conservative author and political commentator Michelle Malkin appeared on Megyn Kelly’s FOX News show yesterday to discuss the hire of former Weather Underground member Kathy Boudin at Columbia University.

What you may not know is that academia has become a common landing ground for members of the WU.

From the FOX News Insider.

REACT: Megyn Kelly, Michelle Malkin Take On Columbia for Hiring Ex-Radical Kathy Boudin as Professor

A movie by Robert Redford, “The Company You Keep,” also starring Susan Sarandon, is loosely based on the $1.6 million heist and will be released in a week. Two police officers and a Brinks security guard were killed in the robbery.

Megyn Kelly discussed the latest controversy surrounding an American university with Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, who said colleges in this country are increasingly turning into “cesspools of tenured radicalization and rationalization for left-wing domestic violence.”

She said people need to take notice of how colleges and Hollywood are “whitewashing” the violent acts of the Weather Underground and other left-wing groups.