College Insurrection reported on this back in December. Following that report, there was speculation over whether or not this would actually happen.

Well, it has happened. Laura Byrne of Red Alert Politics reports.

University of Chicago destroys Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home

It’s a nightmarish scene to watch footage of cranes with giant metal claws obliterate the boyhood home of former President Ronald Reagan at the University of Chicago.

Despite preservationist’s efforts to save the historic house, the University of Chicago did not deem it worth saving and opted to tear it down on Tuesday.

The structure was sitting on top of a precious area the university wanted to build on — not for a library or a research center- but for a brand new parking garage.

That’s right. The home of the conservative hero is being demolished for more convenient places to park.

“In the short term, the site will be part of a construction staging area, to be used for the new Center for Care and Discovery Hospital and for construction of a new parking garage for the medical center,” the university told

But don’t worry Reagan admirers — the home where the 40th president of the United States spent his early years will always be remembered.

A plaque will be placed somewhere amidst the concrete parking lot. What a tribute.

“The university plans to install a plaque at 832 E. 57th St. to commemorate President Reagan’s connection with that site,” the university reportedly said.

Mary Claire Kendall, president of Friends of President Reagan’s Chicago Home, told she reached out to the university President Robert Zimmer  to “preserve the home and transform it into a museum and center.”

Zimmer never addressed the group’s requests which Kendall blamed on “high-level politics.”