Why is it we never hear about pro-choice displays being destroyed? It’s always the pro-life displays which get destroyed by the loving and tolerant leftists.

Scott Greer of Campus Reform reports.

Pro-Life cross display vandalized at public university

Several crosses which were a part of a pro-life display at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania were destroyed last Monday night by an unknown party.

Photos of the incident show dozens of crosses flung about the area with a few turned upside down and a pro-choice banner stuck into the ground around the destroyed display.

The event, named the “Cemetery of the Innocents,” was put on by a pro-life student group Pro-Life Slippery Rock. Each cross set up represented a certain number of abortions which occurred in the U.S. during the previous year.

Boyd Jones, a member of the student group, Pro-Life Slippery Rock, said it was clear that the crosses were removed and that they were not just blown away by the wind.

“You could tell that people picked them up and threw them around and a couple crosses were turned upside down and put in the ground… you could tell people had a purpose that they had a purpose when they came to do it,” she told Campus Reform.

A pro-choice poster was also placed near the cross display after the vandalism was discovered last Tuesday.

Kyla Jones, Vice President of Pro-Life Slippery Rock and no relation to Boyd, said that the vandals showed a clear lack of respect for debate and free expression on the Slippery Rock campus.