This is how the left rolls. Convicted domestic terrorist Kathy Boudin is entitled to a prestigious teaching position at NYU but it’s a matter of national security if Karl Rove wants to set foot on a college campus.

No double standard there.

Michael Graham reports.

UMASS Liberals Freak Over Karl Rove’s Free (On Campus) Speech

From the same campus that has repeatedly invited deadly terrorists to speak on campus:

AMHERST – When word started to spread at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst that Republican strategist Karl Rove was coming to speak, some faculty and students didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet.

In fact, news of an appearance by the man who masterminded George W. Bush’s successful presidential campaigns was met with an “emergency organizing meeting,” set up by the liberal American Friends Service Committee.

In an email to UMass staff and students, which was addressed to “friends and people of good conscience,” the group said Rove’s appearance is “an affront to common decency and reflects a normalization of horrendous acts in our society.”

A conservative…on a Massachusetts campus? It’s an emergency!  Super American Friends–to the Hall Of Social Justice!

According to their FB page, these campus liberals are planning to protest in an attempt to stop Rove from speaking or disrupting the event.