Here’s some news that should surprise absolutely no one.

Eric Owens of The Daily Caller reports.

Exactly the leftists you imagine will protest dedication of new Bush library at SMU

On April 25, the gleaming, new George W. Bush Presidential Center on the campus of Southern Methodist University will be officially dedicated.

The center will honor and preserve the legacy of the 43rd U.S. president in the same basic way that such an edifice has similarly honored every president since Herbert Hoover.

Naturally, protesters calling themselves The People’s Response will seek to rain on Bush’s parade because they are still hopping mad about the Iraq War.

“As the elite gather to celebrate the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and cast a veneer of legitimacy on the Bush administration and its policies, join us in Dallas and let your voice be heard!” urges the group’s website.

“It’s quite disturbing,” protestor-on-the-street Hadi Jawad told KHOU. “It’s quite disheartening to see this monument, this edifice here in Dallas, Texas.”

Jawad also told the Houston CBS affiliate that he has “skin in the game” because he is “of Iraqi descent.”

He said he is still mad incensed about the war, calling it “the unnecessary and unjustifiable, the immoral and illegal war that Bush and Cheney took us into.”

An official for the Bush Center told KHOU that the center “supports folks’ rights to protest peacefully and express their views.”

Local officials have told protest organizers that demonstrations won’t be allowed near the Bush Center. However, protesters will be able to object to the dedication of the Bush Center to their hearts’ content from a spot across a busy interstate.

So far, according to The People’s Response’s Facebook page, 368 people have indicated that they plan to show up. Pledged attendees include a number of students as well as a smattering of professional activists and, of course, journalist and former Lyndon Johnson aide Bill Moyers.