Lay aside the fact that job prospects are grim for college graduates and ignore the fact that college tuition levels have spiraled out of control.

Can you think of a more useless college course than this one?

What an utter waste of time and money.

Alec Torres of The College Fix reports.

College Teaches Course on ‘Queer Gardens,’ Suffers Low Academic Standards

Since September 2011 The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has been researching and compiling a report on liberal arts education in America, using Bowdoin college as a case study, and the results aren’t pretty.

The report reveals that Bowdoin’s curriculum not only lacks a semblance of core requirements to teach students fundamental subjects, but is also filled with “incoherent and trivial courses” such as a class entitled “Queer Gardens” (dropped due to a lack of student interest) which surveyed the horticultural achievements of gay and lesbian gardeners.

In their report entitled “What Does Bowdoin Teach?,” Peter Wood and Michael Toscano of NAS say they wanted to study Bowdoin College’s “curriculum, student activities, and campus values… to learn what a contemporary liberal arts college education consists of.”

What they found was a college that had pledged itself to open-mindedness and critical thinking, but which instead features a curriculum that fails to teach and suffers from a culture devoid of values.

NAS began their project recognizing that a college teaches much more than what can be found in a course catalog and thus broadened their study to, among other subjects, university policies, extra-curricular activities, and campus culture and community. With the goal to “build a well-rounded portrait of contemporary elite liberal arts education,” NAS chose to focus on only one school and chose Bowdoin as an exemplar of the modern American liberal arts education.