One of the interesting takeaways from this article is that the president of the Colgate College Republicans identifies as a Libertarian.

Andrew Sorensen of Your News Now reports.

Young Libertarians could play into GOP future

HAMILTON, N.Y. — College campuses have long been thought of as a breeding ground for political activism, but not for leaning to the right.

“I probably fall more on like the Libertarian spectrum of the right hand side of the aisle,” Colgate University senior Kyle Gavin said.

Libertarians, like Gavin, the Colgate College Republicans President, are rapidly changing that.

“I think that’s the future of the Republican Party,” he said.

And he may be right. Gavin and the college Republicans sold out the biggest name in Libertarianism this week: Ron Paul.

“I know other campuses have had him and had like 4,000 people attend, so he’s basically like a rock star,” Gavin said.

We weren’t allowed to get video inside the lecture.

Paul focused most of his speech on the economy. But ironically, experts say it’s the other side of the political coin that could give these young libertarians the leading edge in a new Republican Party.

Pollster John Zogby said it was fiscal issues that drove these young people to the Libertarians and the GOP.

“Their numbers are growing, particularly as college educated, young, younger people are feeling the squeeze of the recession and more and more rejecting government as a solution,” Zogby said.