My mother was one of those famed bra-burners in the 1960’s.

A brief history:

Women burned their bras because they felt that it proved a statement or made a stand for Women’s Rights. Another reason they burned their bras was because it was a symbol that showed independence of men at the time. The women that didn’t burn their bras often walked around wearing no bra at all. This was also meant to show independence of men. Many women thought that it meant freedom to be natural instead of pushed up. At the Miss America Protest there were trashcans that women called freedom trashcans. Women threw things such as bras, girdles, curlers, tweezers, high heels, etc. into them to be burned.

Being a journalist, my mother dealt with real sexism on a daily basis in her career that spanned the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. When I was born, she gave be a unisex name to ensure I wouldn’t be judged based on a paper record. She was delighted to see me obtain degrees in the sciences, and thanks to work that women of her era did, I faced no real sexual discrimination during my degree program or career.

Sadly, the work done by her generation has been derailed by progressives. Two egregious examples really got under my skin.

The first was that a Tennessee school spent $20,000 for a sex week program that featured a female bondage expert. So funding and promotion when to a woman whose accomplishments were not in the arts or science, but whose expertise was in sex weaponry.

The University of Tennessee is set to spend $20,000 of student funds on a “sex week” beginning April 7, which will feature a “Golden Condom Scavenger Hunt” and an “interactive workshop” from self-described “lesbian BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism) expert” Sinclair Sexsmith….

According to the event’s official website, the workshop, led by Sexsmith, will instruct participants on “how to turn up the heat on our own sex drive” and play with “butch/femme roles.”

The second was a tasteless art display at an Ohio campus that was a counter to an anti-abortion protest:

Nearly a dozen billboard-sized photos of vaginas in various states – including shaved ones, others that are blemished, and still some with tampons inserted – are slated for display today and tomorrow at the University of Cincinnati as part of a student-sponsored “Re-Envisioning the Female Body” exhibit.

My mother agrees with with a commenter on the event’s Facebook site: “I am a woman, I have a vagina, but my vagina is NOT my identity! It is a body part! And any woman who thinks her vagina has to be talked about because its a part of her, is a seriously delusional and sad excuse for a woman!”

My mom’s generation cannot be happy with the vulgar direction campus progressives have taken “feminism”.