This is one of those “only in America” stories except that it’s in Canada, which is America with Money.

As bad as freedom of speech is on campuses here, in Canada the situation is so much worse because of the thought police a/k/a the Human Rights Act.

Somehow I doubt this person will be prosecute.  Ezra Levant reports (h/t Blazing Cat Fur):

Last Wednesday night, a pro-life student club at the University of Waterloo invited a local MP to speak.

Within minutes, a small group of other students stormed the front of  the room, screaming abuse at the guest speaker, taking over the podium  and grinding the event to a halt.

All under the watchful eyes of campus police.

They just stood there.

Actually, that’s not quite right, they did intervene. They told the  speaker — Stephen Woodworth — that for his own safety he’d better leave.

They didn’t take steps to protect his safety. They didn’t remove the  screaming trespassers, or even just ask them politely and quietly to  stop. They just stood there, as a campus club was physically barred from  holding a peaceful event…

Giant Vagina Man was screaming in Woodworth’s face, saying, “Who do  you think you are, trying to impose your views, your bigotry?”

They teach sexual studies at Waterloo, but they obviously don’t teach irony anymore.

Giant Vagina Man was a screaming interrupter who refused to let a  contrary view be heard — yet he said Woodworth was the one imposing his  views.

An extra layer of irony is that Giant Vagina Man probably doesn’t  even know what Woodworth’s ideas are, since he didn’t allow the MP to  speak them. That’s pretty much the dictionary definition of bigotry —  hating someone, abusing them, screaming at them, silencing them — based  on an ignorant prejudice.

Hopefully there will be another level of irony: This rude freak will  probably never again get that close to a vagina in the rest of his  college career, if the gods of dating are just.

University of Waterloo is starting to earn a reputation for closed-mindedness.

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