Instead of going to clergy, it seems that today’s students would rather use public social media outlets for astonishing confessions.

Despite the fact that such personal revelations can have a detrimental impact on future careers and relationships, The College Fix Assistant Editor Jennifer Kabbany reports that Facebook confessions pages have sprung up for campuses all across the country.

If there was ever any doubt college students have sex in campus library nooks or empty classrooms, cheat on exams, fantasize about professors, or secretly do bad things to their roommate’s toothbrush – the case is closed.

These examples are just a small sampling of confessions students across the nation have fessed up to anonymously on Facebook pages dedicated to highlighting fodder that used to be meant for a diary.

So-called Facebook “secrets” or “confessions” pages for universities have spread like wildfire on the social media site over the last several months, prompting students to anonymously confess their outrageous thoughts or deeds.

Several campus newspapers report students have flocked to their respective university’s Facebook confessions page to divulge a wide variety of secrets and gossip. Facebook users then comment on the “secrets,” albeit using their real profile and name.

Confessions and topics run the gamut: crushes on professors and students; happening spots around town; feelings of depression; sexcapades on and off-campus; complaints about professors; fetishes; wild parties; STDs; pregnancy; drug use.

Some confessions and corresponding comments are harmless, some even positive or uplifting; but many times they’re downright malicious. The use of foul language is also fairly common.

The pages have prompted consternation for campus administrators, who have no control over them. They’re created by unknown “administrators” who review then post the submissions, and are not officially affiliated with the universities whose names they bear.

While most students quoted in campus newspapers said they see the pages as harmless fun, they also prompt drama and controversy.

When one Boise State University poster “confessed to having a camera installed in the women’s showers … that streamed to his or her computer, representatives from University Housing quickly denied this claim,” reports the Arbiter Online student newspaper.

The Boise page was created on Jan. 23 and a week later had nearly 1,500 “Likes” and hundreds of confessions, the paper reported.

“Boise State students took full advantage of that anonymity, dishing dirt on everything from wild parties to sexually transmitted diseases to embarrassing stories to feeling alone and struggling to find friends on campus,” according to the Arbiter.

The school’s communications department chairman Rick Moore told the paper “some of that content might even have been breaking the law by making false claims about Boise State students.”

It has since been shut down, but it’s unclear by whom. Other university Facebook confession pages have also mysteriously closed shop recently, although how or why remains unsolved. Plenty are still going strong, however.