When it comes to the subject of college students and self defense, the people of Texas don’t think rape whistles are sufficient. Good for them.

Omar Villafranca of NBC 5 in Texas reports.

Texas College Students Could Soon Pack Heat

Students with concealed handgun licenses could soon carry guns on Texas college campuses.

More than a dozen state senators have signed on to Senate Bill 182, also known as the  “Campus Personal Protection Act.”

The bill’s primary author, Senator Brian Birdwell, said the bill is about preserving the 2nd Amendment.

“This affords CHL holders, one of the most lawful group of citizens in our state, to be able exercise that 2nd amendment right to go on to the campus of higher learning to be able defend themselves and protect their right to self-preservation, God forbid, some act of evil be perpetrated,” Birdwell said.

If passed, the bill would allow CHL holders to bring concealed weapons onto public universities. Private universities could choose to go gun-free.

“It does respect the private property rights of the private institutions, and they have the opportunities to opt-out of the requirements,” Birdwell said. “So we do want to respect the private institutions private property rights.”

The bill also gives some say to universities on where students can and cannot bring their concealed weapons.

“They are to establish some rules and some boundaries, sporting events for example, are separated out of there, so it provides quite a bit of local control for the local universities,” said State Senator Kelly Hancock.

Hancock said the bill would not just affect students.

“And really more what you’re talking about more with a CHL on a college campus is really you’re probably addressing more professors, university employees then you are actually students,” Hancock said.

Birdwell said CHL holders living on-campus at public universities would have to secure the gun, according to university set rules.