We covered the travails of a sorority trying to open on the campus of Swarthmore College, because it was deemed to “exclusive”.

Now, the college has opened a new club that is anything but!

The College Fix’s Assistant Editor Jennifer Kabbany offers details on the recently formed ““American Masturbatory Theater Company”.

A new student organization at Swarthmore College calling itself the “American Masturbatory Theater Company” prompted its participants to breathe deeply, collapse as a group into each other, and touch each other, just to cite a few exercises it hosted.

In other exercises, students made random noises such as animal calls and took turns staring at each other, students familiar with the group’s first few meetings told The College Fix.

And although apparently it has not taken place yet, group masturbation is allowed, the group’s student founder, Sam Swift Shuker-Haines, told The Swarthmore Phoenix.

The club has held about three open meetings on campus recently during which the breathing and touching took place, and now future get togethers will be open to only those who have regularly attended, a flier promoting the club states.

Masturbatory Theater’s meetings are expected to climax in some sort of performance this spring, as well as an appearance at “Crunkfest,” the Phoenix reports.

When asked by The College Fix about Crunkfest, a Swarthmore student described it as an annual sexcapade typically held in a dorm’s courtyard during Easter weekend. The student has witnessed “Crunkfest,” and described it as a “nude celebration” of sorts, in which students take part in so-called circle jerks and similar activities.

The online Urban Dictionary describes it as “an annual period of campus-wide partying, drunkenness, crunkenness , and general debauchery at Swarthmore College, where participants form teams and earn assigned point values for ridiculous acts.”

As for Masturbatory Theater’s upcoming closed meetings, its specific activities remain unclear. The flier promoting the group states its goal is to create “a space for creation, exploration, and understanding of intimacy.”

“To share ourselves and rejoice in the sharing,” the flier continues, “… to cast our names into the fire, to destroy barriers … to experiment towards a sensation of unmediated intimacy, because it is good and beautiful and worthwhile.”

…The group’s online Tumblr “manifesto” notes its founders believe in the importance of impulse.

For the sake of this new theatrical enterprise, it should be hoped that the members’ parents don’t get a sudden impulse question why high-priced college time is being spent on this type of activity.