The heady days of progressive “sit-ins” or “love-ins” on campuses have truly become a thing of the past.

Now, conservative student groups are confronting administrations about the liberal slant in college programs and events. The College Fix Assistant Editor, Jennifer Kabbany, has the details concerning one Texas institution:

Texas Aggie Conservatives, a student group at Texas A&M University, delivered a huge blow to its college administration on Tuesday, handing over a massive petition that demanded the school even out its left-leaning slant or some donations to the campus will stop.

More than 1,200 former students, parents, and students have signed the petition since it was launched a few weeks ago, according to the Texas Aggie Conservatives.

The petition signers declared they are “deeply disappointed that Texas A&M University spends millions of dollars each year in mandatory student fees, taxpayer dollars, and private donations to continually represent only left-wing views.”

“It is high time for A&M to stop pushing a political agenda,” the petition stated. “I pledge to withhold all donations to Texas A&M University… until things change for the better.”

In addition to handing over the petition to college President Bowen Loftin, the student group also presented a list of demands to resolve the issue. They apparently aim to launch a “Traditional Family Values and Personal Responsibility Center,” in addition to other “actions” sought, including:

• A full-time, paid staff adviser for the Aggie Conservatives. … If groups such as GLBT Aggies, Council of Minority Student Affairs (formerly the DREAM Act Support Group), and the Woodson Black Awareness Committee are going to have such staff, then surely TAC should also, for the sake of balance and fairness.

• Funding and administrative support for on-campus centers dedicated to promoting true American conservative values and creating a safe and welcoming climate on campus for conservatives. If the Texas A&M administration is going to fund and support the GLBT Center and Multicultural Center, which consistently promote liberal worldviews on a variety of issues (oftentimes political issues that have nothing to do with the stated purpose of the center), then the administration should also fund and support centers for American Conservatism and Traditional Family Values. … For reference, the Multicultural Center receives around $1,000,000/year in student fees and the GLBT receives around $100,000/year from student and taxpayer sources.

Other demands included more classes on conservative thought to balance out the many on Marxism and gender studies, and an endowed professorship in “American Conservative Studies,” to counteract the college’s many liberal professors.