If you’re in college now, you probably worked hard to get there. You showed up for school, did your homework, wrote letters of application, took tests and asked teachers for recommendations.

With all of that in mind, ask yourself what is gained by bribing kids to show up for school with goodies? Then read this report by The College Fix.

Detroit Schools Bribe Kids with New Sneakers

Please, pretty please, kids–Show up for school!

That seems to be the message Detroit schools are sending with a new plan to give free Nike sneakers to every student who shows up to class on October 3rd. That day is “student count day,” which is the day on which pupil counts will determine levels of state and federal funding for the cash-strapped school district.

Never mind the fact that Detroit seems to by trying to game the system by making its average daily attendance appear higher than it normally would be without a free Nike giveaway. Let’s just focus on the idea of bribing kids to go to school… Isn’t it a sad commentary on our society that parents aren’t raising their kids to value education itself?

What’s next–system-wide cash payouts for good grades? Never say never.

When it comes to diligence, work ethic, and good character, sneakers and dollar bills are no substitute for good parenting.