College Insurrection has closely followed the story of a pro-life display which was vandalized at the Catholic school DePaul University, see here and here.

One of the students who contributed to the vandalism of the display, recently sent an anonymous letter to DePaul’s student newspaper.

I was planning to write a response to the letter, but Robert Shibley of The FIRE has done such an excellent job of analyzing it, I’m going to refer you to his post.

DePaul Student: Stop Me From Looking at Things I Don’t Like!

I am going to go through the whole thing because it is such a severe example of “unlearning liberty” that there’s an illustration of it in nearly every thought expressed. Let’s start:

As I was walking to class and passing through the quad on whatever day [Tuesday, Jan. 22 — Ed.] this display was up, I saw hundreds of blue and pink flags. I knew that that day was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, but if I hadn’t previously known that (and it was in no way through the university or any university-affiliated group that I knew this), I would have had absolutely no idea what these flags were for. I took three of the flags down from their display and took them home. I was in no way a part of the incident that took place later that day, where students took down all the flags and threw them away. This is my opinion and thought process regarding what I did, but I was not a part of the bigger incident with the display.

This student’s thought process was “Hey, look, a display on campus that advocates an idea I disagree with. I will now engage in some petty vandalism in order to mutely express my disagreement.”

There’s so much more at the link below.