But does dyeing your hair green count as hazing if you want to do it and no one is forcing you to do it? Sounds like Dartmouth is overreacting here.

Joseph Asch of Dartblog has the story.

Dyed Green Hair Is Hazing? No Way.

A thoughtful piece in The D on Monday by Nordic ski team member Karina Packer ’15 asks whether the Dean’s office was correct in disallowing freshman members of the team from dying their hair pink and green — as team members have traditionally done — on the ground that this action constitutes hazing.

Why don’t we try to answer the question with a little rigor. Here is the College’s official definition of hazing:

Hazing rules.jpg

Karina says that this year’s new team members want to dye their hair, as previous members of the team have done. However, we can’t really take her word that the young skiers are not being coerced. It’s tough to prove a negative.

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