As you can imagine, not everyone is thrilled about this idea.

Bill Snyder of The Cornell Insider reports.

Petition Against Social Justice Requirement

Recently the Student Assembly proposed a social justice requirement for all colleges to adopt at Cornell.  This proposal would either require an additional course or replace an existing course with a class on social justice.  Why is this bad? First off, additional requirements increase the burdens on every student.  Imagine having to take another course that is completely irrelevant to your major or interests.  However, the more disturbing reason is that Student Assembly is purposefully or inadvertently forcing their liberal ideology on students.  The fact of the matter is that social justice is a highly controversial philosophical argument, not an objective truth.  Many scholars and conservative thinkers alike even argue social justice does not even exist.

So why should Cornell students be forced to learn about a biased liberal ideology?  Because the Student Assembly in their “infinite wisdom” thinks it is appropriate to socialize students into their own beliefs. While most of the Student Assembly seems to believe that the Cornell administration should force students to accept social justice, many students are acting against this biased agenda.  A petition is currently in circulation to oppose such an intrusive requirement.  This petition is meant to counter act the clearly isolated and radical members of the Student Assembly by highlighting dissenting opinions of such an action.  By presenting the administration with a petition signed by the student population, Cornell students can directly voice their opinion against an out of touch student body. It’s time to stand up and voice your opinion.

The Petition can be found on