Yesterday at Legal Insurrection, William Jacobson wrote about the strange behavior of a Columbia University Quantum Mechanics professor who stripped on stage and put on a bizarre performance featuring video images of 9/11 and Hitler.

According to Christopher Brennan and Tina Moore of the New York Daily News, Columbia is investigating the incident.

Columbia University will ‘review’ weird antics of quantum mechanics prof Emlyn Hughes, who stripped onstage

Columbia University is investigating the antics of a nutty professor who stripped down to his skivvies and delivered a bizarre lesson in quantum mechanics, the institution confirmed Tuesday.

Columbia Assistant Vice President Robert Hornsby said administrators “are currently reviewing” Prof. Emlyn Hughes’ off-the-wall behavior during class Monday.

Students were bombarded with projected images of the collapsing Twin Towers and Nazi Germany as Hughes stripped down to his underwear and rap music played.

The whole incident was caught on camera and later posted on the student website Bwog.

During the five minute display, two people dressed as Ninjas blind-folded two stuffed animals and then impaled one with a sword.

After, Hughes explained to the class that they would have to “strip raw” and “erase all the garbage” from their brains to properly learn quantum mechanics.

“I thought that the 9/11 thing was a little offensive,” said freshman Andrew Stoughton, who said his dad worked in the World Trade Center but was late to work Sept. 11.