I’d sure hate to be in charge of fundraising at La Sierra University right now. When word of this gets out to their alumni and major donors, there will be a lot of explaining to do.

Leonardo Blair of The Christian Post reports.

Christian University Honors Controversial Abortionist With Name on Center

La Sierra University, an institution owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church boasting an environment “where academic investigation, Christian faith and service to others unite,” has found a strange bedfellow in controversial abortionist Edward C. Allred, naming a center in its business school in honor of gifts donated by the doctor who is also a professional gambler.

According to the Riverside, California-based university’s website, The Edward C. Allred Center, established in 2010, is named after Dr. Edward C. Allred, the owner, president, and CEO of Los Alamitos Race Course, Los Alamitos, California. And while the university notes that Allred, who is an alumnus, is both the principal sponsor of the Center and the inspiration behind its economic philosophy, it fails to mention his abortion business, the Family Planning Associates Medical Group. He is listed on the abortion clinic’s website as one of its two founding physicians and offers to abort fetuses up to the second trimester.

In a statement to The Christian Post on Monday, Larry Becker, executive director of university relations at La Sierra University, said: “The University’s Naming Policy says, ‘Naming Opportunities provide a means to honor personal contributions, service, and achievement of the honoree as well as their contribution of resources to support the University.'”

He noted further that, “Each proposal is considered on its own merits. To respect each donor’s right to privacy, the documentation and discussions relating to each proposal are confidential. Dr. Allred’s gift establishing the Center is one of many contributions he has made to Adventist educational institutions and church organizations across North America.”

The website for FPA explains the history of its pioneering abortion services.