Fortunately, no one has suggested federal legislation.  Yet.

The College Fix reports on one student’s push to address the gap between males and females:

Well, you knew this was coming. Concerns and criticisms over an upcoming female orgasm seminar for students at the University of Minnesota have now been dubbed misogynistic.

A University of Minnesota student columnist has declared the school’s upcoming event, “The Female Orgasm: A Program About Sexual Health and Women’s Empowerment,” will help abolish the “orgasm gap.”

Bronwyn Miller, a female writer for the Minnesota Daily, defended the seminar in a column published today, and told her peers to “save the date” to attend.

“(It’s) a much-needed challenge to the general absence of attention to empowered female sexuality,” Miller argues. “In a patriarchal culture, certain ideals pervade all levels of society — including the bedroom. Standards of male dominance and female submissiveness shape our history and continue to problematically dictate expectations of gender roles.”

She goes on to cite research that finds women have orgasms half as often as men. Thus, the “orgasm gap.”

“The university’s decision to host the April event as a way to educate all genders certainly acknowledges the importance of abolishing the ‘orgasm gap,’” she argues. “Sadly, the intense ridicule the university has received for this event serves to illustrate that we have a long way to go before we will reach sexual justice. … We live in a time in which male sexuality is so accepted that Cialis is advertised during primetime television — but women are still forced to feel guilty about our sexuality.”

Miller’s full column is concluded with the following inspirational words:

Attending this event grants men the opportunity to display their respect and support for female sexual health, as well as — dare I say it — learn something. Within a sexist discourse that too often leaves it up to women to educate men on their sexual pleasure, the prospect of a man who just knows what he is doing is tantalizing — ask anyone reading “50 Shades of Grey.” So mark your calendars, and in the meantime, for god’s sake, use the Internet.