Gun control activists who used the Sandy Hook tragedy to advance their agenda, may soon regret awakening the sleeping giant.

Scott Greer of Campus Reform has the story.

Students at Ohio university to introduce resolution demanding concealed carry on campus

College Republicans (CR) at the University of Toledo say they will soon introduce a resolution in student government demanding students be allowed to conceal carry weapons on campus.

Patrick Richardson, senior advisor of the UT CR chapter, said he believes most student are now in favor of extending existing concealed carry laws to campus because of recent shootings on other campuses and rising crime in Toledo.

“Violent crime is happening on campus, it’s a reality and I have the right to defend myself,” Richardson told Campus Reform.

In 2011 there was at least one fatal stabbing and 105 reported burglaries on UT’s campus. Crime statistics for 2012 are not yet available.

The city of Toledo also saw its homicide rate rise last year according to the popular review site, The violent crime rate is now on average 124% percent higher than the national average and 187% percent higher than the state average in Ohio.

UT’s student government president, Paulette Bongratz, told Campus Reform that while she doesn’t see the need for concealed carry on UT’s campus, she will bring the resolution up for a vote.

“There has not been any incident on our campus to make me feel that allowing concealed carry is necessary,” she said. “[B]ut if our student government votes to support it, we would be happy to be a catalyst for a positive change.”

Richardson, for his part, acknowledged that resolution, which does not carry the weight of law, is only the beginning of the fight for concealed carry on UT’s campus.