Here’s a college credit that’s sure to help students find much needed jobs after graduation. Especially if they plan to pursue a career in the adult film industry.

Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix reports.

Campus Sex Group Earns Students College Credit

Field trips to the local safe sex store, dental dam demonstrations, watching BDSM documentaries and discussions on sexual fetishes are some of the ways students involved in the University of Michigan’s eclectic Residential College’s Sexual Health forum can earn academic credit.

The Residential College is an undergraduate program within the university’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Billed as an on-campus “living learning community,” the Residential College offers small classes sizes, emphasizes student participation, and touts hands-on learning opportunities.

Its student forums are meant to offer a venue to “connect over topics of interest while contributing to the various communities that surround them,” the campus website states. Students in the sex health forum, as well as the other forums the college offers, can earn credit toward graduation, it adds.

The sexual health forum promises a “safe environment to dialogue about topics ranging from basic anatomy to sexual taboos,” its official description on the University of Michigan’s website states.

“Our forum seeks to promote the importance of sexual health and wellbeing in the Residential College community,” it states. “In the past, we have put on variety shows, has movie screenings, hosted guest speakers and the popular ‘gender panel.’ If there are any questions about sex that you’ve always wanted answered, there has never been a more comfortable and fun space to ask.”

But more specific details about exactly what goes on during the 7-year-old forum’s weekly one-hour gatherings came to light this week in an article published in The Michigan Daily student newspaper.

Students call it the Sex Forum, sans the health adjective. It’s led by a sophomore and discussions on masturbation, BDSM and sexual fetishes are not uncommon, the paper reported.