When I saw the story below, the first person I thought of was Bill Ayers, the retired college professor who was a personal friend of President Obama.

Check out this photo of Bill Ayers proudly standing on the American Flag.

Now meet the new America hating left, same as the old America hating left.

Fits News reports.

SC Teacher Put On Leave For Stomping On American Flag

America has devolved over the last dozen years into a welfare statist’s, crony capitalist’s wet dream … and a nightmare for future generations of taxpayers who must ultimately pick up the tab for government’s excess interventionism.

Why, then, would a liberal high school teacher (one drawing a nice government salary with benefits) be moved to stomp on the American flag not once – but several times?

We don’t know, but Chapin (S.C.) High School English teacher Scott Compton allegedly did just that last month – in front of at least three of his classes.  This week, Compton was placed on administrative leave by school officials for his actions.

According to our sources, administrators first learned of the flag-stomping incidents via an email sent from an outraged parent.

“During (Compton’s) lecture, he removes the flag of the United States of America from its mount on the wall,” the email alleges. “He throws the American flag on the floor and proceeds to stomp on the flag of the United States of America. He explains that this flag is only a symbol and his disrespect of it has no consequences. He repeated this action in all three of his English II Honors classes.”

We agree with Compton’s take on symbolism – and we support his First Amendment right to do whatever he wants to an American flag – but such behavior hardly seems appropriate in a school setting.  In a private school?  Whatever … he’s accountable to the marketplace.  But in a public school?