You remember Van Jones, don’t you? He was Obama’s self described Communist “green jobs” czar until he was forced out when it became known that he’s a 9/11 Truther. Yeah… him.

Rebel Pundit of Breitbart reports.

Loyola Students: Professor Required Us to Attend Van Jones Lecture

An event this past Wednesday at Loyola University Chicago featuring former Obama administration official Van Jones strayed far from the marketed title of “2013 MLK Celebration,” instead encouraging students to embrace a “new patriotism” and the “ugly-unequal founding” of America.

Several students reported that they were compelled by their “environmental sustainability” professor to attend the radical lecture—students who up until that evening told me they had no prior familiarity with Van Jones. One student interviewed said approximately thirty students attended this class.

Loyola is the same university that banned Karl Rove from speaking on campus in 2010, later relenting after months of controversy. The same university sanctioned the extremist and, according to the East Bay Express, a self-proclaimed communist, Van Jones as a keynote speaker—and promote the event on the university’s website. Even more astounding is that a professor would compel students to attend an event where such radical philosophies were being promoted.

While Jones identify himself as an “environmentalist,” neither the pre-determined topic, nor the content of his lecture had anything to do with the environment—that is, other than the current American political environment.

During the lecture, held at Loyola’s student union, Jones put forth highly controversial theories regarding race and same-sex marriage. He spoke about America’s “ugly founding reality” versus her “beautiful founding dream,” underscoring this pronouncement with discussion of the “tug of war,” America is facing between a “new patriotism” and an “old patriotism.”