It will be interesting to see how the MSM covers this, if they pay any attention at all.

Jon Street of CNS News reports.

College Students to Stage National Silent Protest for Concealed Carry on Campus

( – “Stop colleges from trampling on the rights of good people wanting to defend themselves.” That is the message the group Students for Concealed Carry wants to send to state lawmakers around the country.

The grassroots, conservative organization of more than 40,000 supporters is sponsoring a national silent protest April 8-12, in which students will wear empty gun holsters to class to show that they are “defenseless” without guns on campus.

“For years, colleges have cultivated a deadly illusion that a gun-free policy makes us safer,” said the organization’s spokesman David Burnett.

“The mass shootings we’ve seen in recent years only prove killers don’t play by the rules. Today we’re calling on legislators in every state to change those rules and stop colleges from trampling on the rights of good people wanting to defend themselves,” he said.

Burnett added: “The current rule guarantees criminals a free shot. Allowing licensed concealed carry would give potential attackers pause and ultimately give innocent victims a fighting chance.”

The group’s legal liaison, Alan Baker said that for years, colleges “have been allowed to usurp the roles of elected officials” by banning concealed carry.

Permit-holders are cleared to carry in public by their governor, their legislature, their state police and the FBI, he said.

“Posting signs requiring them to leave their guns at home is an ineffective and discriminatory practice, making the campus more appealing to criminals,” Baker said.