There are many frustrating aspects of Conservatism. Living among those that distain you for your beliefs is one.

Due to the nature of Conservatism, it is easily tolerable. Being forced to be party to idiotic self-destructive policy probably is the worst part. Although we’ve grown accustom. We’ve always known “Liberal” claims to respect political minorities were a shameless sale to good intentioned citizens. The most consistently frustrating thing is watching repeated hypocrisies and contradictions then repeatedly being forced to restate our positions – that really are self-evident, common sense, simple, and do not change.

In endless waves of the trendiest moral imperative we must repeat ourselves.

Meanwhile the political opponents do mental gymnastics ever contradictory, every hypocritical and successfully harness these waves.

So, let me get this straight. “Liberals” don’t believe in American Exceptionalism. “Liberals” don’t dispute the fact America won by force its Liberty, in a war, with guns, not but 230 years ago. “Liberals” don’t dispute the fact that governments around the world have killed hundreds of millions in the last century. Notably those governments were focused on creating a better society with a changed man.

In summary, “Liberals” do not think America is different than any other country in history but still wants citizens to render themselves defenseless before the government while fully knowing the risks.

What is that? Denial? Self-Destruction? Stupidity? Groupthink? What? How do you beat that?

You know what a great idea would be? There’s a state with a Democratic super majority. The state borders Mexico. That country where 12,000 citizens were murdered last year in the drug wars. I will point out that military style assault rifles are illegal for citizens to own in Mexico.

If “Liberals” enact their policies in California they’re risking similar violence from the drug cartels in California.

How’s that for a moral imperative? Save the kids “Liberals”. Save the kids.