At times, it seems like the most popular major on American campuses is fun with a minor in sexual scholarship.

A group of enterprising New York University students have created “NYU Hook Ups” Facebook page in time to help the school’s scholars find relationship-free intimacy for the holiday season.

NYU Hook-Ups#1

MTV Insights contributor Matt Cohen offers a review of the Facebook page:

Tackling their new venture with the same dedication and efficiency they’d normally reserve for an extracurricular activity, these students are helping classmates hook up faster and smarter.

Why waste time scanning through hundreds of OKCupid profiles when you can post anonymously on NYU Hook Ups and wait for the “Likes” from potential hook up buddies to roll in?

Some of “NYU Hook Ups” safety and efficiency features include:

  • a 2-step verification process to confirm that hook-up seekers are actual NYU students (No need to open yourself up to Craigslist randos  when you can stay within the safety of your college bubble)
  • A commitment to keeping post-ers “100% anonymous” and to “hook[ing] you up in less than 24 hours” (Sure beats’s six-month guarantee
  • an advisory urging users to “be careful” and “always make sure to use condoms” (Thank you free NYC condoms!)

However, there is no need to despair the sensibilities of all the posters on NYU Hook Ups! There is some hope that students are not taking the premise of this social media experience seriously. As evidence, here is a profile:

NYU Hook-Ups #2

The “student” pictured may seem familiar — he is Dev Patel, the star of that Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire” and no NYU student.

Some students don’t seem to understand the concept of “hook ups”, and want something a little more old fashioned. Hook Up request #137 actually wants to have a real relationship.

NYU Hook-Ups #3

He might consider #199, who is a female and is looking more for a dinner date:

NYU Hook-Ups #4 writer Andy Moore has a detailed fisking of NYU Hook Ups: The 10 Best Profiles on NYU’s Ridiculous New Anonymous Dating Page, NYU Hook Ups. He does an analysis of several of the Hook Up candidates and comes to the following conclusion:

Normally, I’d say that this page would be around 98% male-populated, but after a solid 30 minutes spent scrolling through these amazing profiles, that doesn’t seem to be the case. 95% male, no less. What it lacks in a feminine presence, though, it makes up in laugh-out-loud funny write-ups.

And those who participate on NYU Hook Ups may want to budget for contraceptive care until Obamacare kicks in.

nyu Hook-Ups #5

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