Dartmouth College has been in negotiations with the SEIU over staff salary and benefits. It now looks like the college is going to give in to the union’s demands.

Joseph Asch of Dartblog is not pleased.

SEIU Contract: No Surprise, Carol Caves

Folt Sweet Comp.jpg

It’s all over but the voting — which will take place tomorrow. Earl Sweet is chuckling to himself yet again, and the folks at SEIU central are once more scratching their heads in wonder: “Just how stupid are those Dartmouth academics?” Here are the terms of the fat contract that the union rank and file will vote to approve, probably by a margin of about 3:1:

● Raises of 3%, 3% and 2% over the next three years (that’s higher than inflation);

● Tightening up on the College’s use of sub-contractors;

● Currently employed union single payers, or whom there are about 200, get to keep their free health insurance.

In short, the Kings and Queens of the Upper Valley labor market are happy. I can hear the dinner table conversations in the towns around Hanover: “They went for it again? You guys are so lucky. I work twice as hard as you at [name any local business] and I don’t get paid half what you do. How can those people at Dartmouth afford this?”