We recently covered the Casper College tragedy involving a murder-suicide in which “bow and arrow” were used during the killings.

The College Fix has summarized the series on this event produced by the Casper Star-Tribune, which includes more background on the killer who stabbed a female teacher near her campus home, then used a bow and arrow to kill  his father during class  before stabbing himself to death.

It turns out, the newspaper reports, that the assailant, 25-year-old Chris Krumm, was the son of the math teacher he killed with an arrow, 56-year-old James Krumm. The female teacher was James Krumm’s girlfriend.

The Casper Star-Tribune this week reported that “a man who killed his father in front of a computer science class at Casper College was a ‘borderline genius’ upset by the belief he had inherited Asperger Syndrome from his dad, an aunt of the killer said.”

Police said Krumm acted alone and that his motive was unclear. No suicide note was reported found. … (Krumm’s aunt) described her nephew as a ‘borderline genius.’

As a high school student in Casper, Krumm had amassed 59 college credits taking math, computer science, physics and violin at Casper College, school spokesman Rich Fujita said Monday. A typical major requires about 64 credits for a degree from the two-year school.

His uncle said he last saw his nephew about the time he earned his master’s three years ago.

The newspaper also reported that Chris Krumm applied for a pistol permit six weeks before the attacks, according to police in Connecticut:

Krumm requested the permit in mid-October. His application was still pending at the time of the killings, according to police in Vernon, Conn., where he lived.

“Authorities had uncovered nothing to disqualify Krumm, Meier said. They were waiting on the results of his fingerprint check.

On the application, Krumm indicated he’d never been arrested for a crime or been confined to a hospital in the past year for a mental illness. He also denied ever being the subject of a restraining order that involved the use of force, according to a copy of the document obtained by the Star-Tribune.”

Sadly, this is another example that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.