Big Bird, binders, bayonets, lose your virginity to Obama. The cult of Obama is well known and at this point, nothing sounds too outlandish to believe.

Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reports.

Obama Camp Uses ‘Psychological Tricks’ to Score College Votes

President Barack Obama’s supporters and re-election campaign are using “psychological tricks” to get people to vote for him come Nov. 6, and nowhere is that more evident than on college campuses nationwide.

Kathryn Blaze Carlson in Canada’s The National Post today published an article that details these so-called psychological tricks, and offers two examples: superstar Jessica Alba in an email asking people to put their hands over their hearts and make a promise to vote for Obama, and a Twitter campaign asking voters to pledge their support to Obama.

Carlson reports that “these were not thoughtless, spontaneous publicity stunts. Indeed, the campaign was deploying a proven psychological trick plucked from its ever-expanding political toolkit.”

“Studies showed decades ago that if people make a public commitment to do something — go on a diet, start a workout regimen, quit smoking — they are far more likely to follow through. Put simply, people have a psychological propensity toward keeping promises. But it was only more recently that campaigns and interest groups started applying those kinds of behavioural science principles to electoral politics. And today, they are doing so at a rate unseen before — in fact, they are doing so in ways most voters will not even recognize.”

The plot thickens, as these practices are becoming more common and heavily used by those on the left, Carlson notes, citing Sasha Issenberg, author of the new book “Victory Lab.”

“Academia has long been politically aligned with the Democratic Party, so researchers are more likely to partner with left-leaning political groups and conduct randomized studies or roll-out fresh schemes. There is even a think-tank called the Analyst Institute, a clearinghouse for evidence-based political tools that Mr. Issenberg has called a “secret society of Democratic researchers” working to test new ways to engage voters.”

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