Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Are you an individualist? If so, you probably want to avoid dressing to stereotype.

This humorous piece by Nadia Danienta was written for the Michigan Review blog but I suspect it could apply to many college campuses across America.

U-M Campus Fashion

Attending the University of Michigan means having to watch the fashion faux pas rampant amongst the stereotypical groups of students.

The Freshman

Freshman year is that awkward stage every student encounters in college. Characterized by a wide-eyed look and a hint of over-eagerness, the freshman can be seen sporting head to toe Michigan gear at an attempt to prove that they belong. The freshman always has a campus map handy in their back pocket and a lanyard to carry their Mcard and housing key. Do not be surprised if you see a freshman riding the Bursley/Baits bus with their horde of other freshmen friends.

The Frat Guy

Usually spotted with a can of beer in one hand and an iPhone in the other, the frat guy is usually within a 5-foot radius of a sorority girl (See: Sorority Girl). Abiding to their own unspoken set of fashion rules, every frat guy must own a pair of Sperry Topsiders, Ray Ban sunglasses, khaki shorts, and a smug sense of superiority. Seeing a frat guy, you may ask yourself – how many different colored polos do they own?

The Hipster

It’s pretty easy to dress as a wannabe hipster, just pick up a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, even if you don’t really need the prescription. However, a true hipster can be seen consorting with the likes of Nietzsche and asking thought provoking questions. Hipsters prefer to be against the mainstream fashions, yet many are seen wearing vintage and thrift store inspired clothes. A hipster cannot be seen in public without a worn looking flannel shirt, tight fitting jeans, and converse sneakers or combat boots. If you want to be a hipster you should head to Urban Outfitters or American Apparel to achieve that effortless bohemian look. But to truly exude the attitude of a hipster, pair your tight jeans with an androgynous hairstyle featuring unruly strands of hair or ask for side swept bangs at your next hair appointment.

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