At National Review Online this morning [Nov. 6] Jay Nordlinger reports, citing the Daily Princetonian,

that 157 members of Princeton University’s faculty or staff have donated to the two presidential candidates. One hundred fifty-five donated to Obama; two donated to Romney. The two who donated to Romney were a visiting lecturer in engineering and a janitor.

According to that Daily Princetonian article, “[t]otal donations directly to Obama exceeded $169,000, while donations to Romney summed to exactly $1,901.” Appropriately enough, “Sociology professor Douglas Massey GS ’78 led the faculty in presidential donations this year, donating $5,169 to Obama.” That is hardly surprising, since Massey seems to have devoted most of his academic career to assembling scholarly defenses of racial preference policies, which he usually refers to delicately as “racially sensitive” admissions.

A few of my criticisms of Massey’s work(s) can be found hereherehere, and here (see especially the third and fourth links).

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