You know things are bad when college students are more worried about food money than beer money.

Luzerne County Community College in Pennsylvania reports that students are becoming increasingly dependent on their food bank.

NANTICOKE — More students at one Luzerne County college are now relying on the school to stop them from going hungry.

As the cost of college increases, so does the cost of food.

That’s why officials said more Luzerne County Community College students are relying on the school’s on-campus food bank when they go hungry.

Student and LCCC employee Gregory Johnson visits it regularly.

“When you’re backed up in your bills and I might not have enough money left over, I come up in here and get some extra if I need, some extra food,” said Johnson.

He’s not alone. Staff members who run the food bank said over the years they’ve helped hundreds of students, and they’ve seen an increase in the last two semesters.

“Some weeks we might have maybe only 30, 40. The next week there might be 60, 70,” said Eddie Janosov, food bank organizer.

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