Prager University just released its newest online offering.

The course is from the Life Studies Department, and features Dennis Prager, the founder of the innovative “internet campus” and popular radio talk show host, syndicated columnist, author, and public speaker. He addresses a recent UK Daily Mail article, which said that the main source of conflict between spouses on vacation is that men “check out” other women, particularly on the beach.

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According to Prager, many women understandably fear that their husband wants to be with the women they look at.  Women make three basic mistake in the analysis of their partners’ glances.

  1. Assuming he thinks the other women are more attractive.
  2. Thinking that the look means that the man is dissatisfied with his current partner.
  3. Believing that the man continues thinking about the “woman-of-the-moment” long after she is no longer in view.

These three items are rarely true. Almost any man, regardless of the quality of the relationship, will at least glance when an attractive woman crosses his line of sight. But once she leaves his vision, she also leaves his memory. He doesn’t want to be with her. It’s just part of male nature that other attractive women are a “turn on”.

In any healthy relationship, the man only wants his woman, and no one else. He isn’t comparing other women to his woman. He’s not becoming dissatisfied with his woman. And he doesn’t even remember what those other women like.

Prager concludes: “Where there is basic domestic harmony and mutual physical attraction, more than anything your husband wants you.”

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