“I am the black sheep of the theater department,” said University of Southern California Los Angeles student Ida Victoria Nowakowska, a pretty and plucky independent conservative drama major.

She recently attended the “Wake Up America” rally in Los Angeles, in order to promote her website designed to support American values and ideals: USAFREEMEDIATV.COM.

Nowakowska is originally from Warsaw, Poland. She is one of many naturalized citizens who have “come out of the closet” and become activists as a result of the tea party movement. She joins Thomas Peterffy, who fled Hungarian communism and recently funded his own ad on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney that underscored that wealth redistribution makes the poor poorer and described American exceptionalism is real. Like Petterfy, the UCLA student is creating her own videos to to support the ideals of free markets, limited government, and independent expression.

“My family emigrated from Poland during communism, in search of freedom,” Nowakowska noted. “I was born in Warsaw, and we came over when I was about two months old. I’ve been acting since I was 5 and in entertainment professionally since I was 12 years old.  I want to be able to use my gifts in an innovative, expressive way to support the aspects of this country that have helped my family and myself prosper.”

The USAFREEMEDIATV.COM features videos Nowakowska crafted that address a wide array of Americana, past and present. Features include American History, All American Stars, I am an American, News and Events. There is also a section on American Polish, for fellow immigrants from her native land.

“One feature I like best is Made by Me in the USA”, Nowakowska said. “I did build this, and so did my family. In it, I make an under God t-shirt.”

God and faith are a core part of the UCLA student’s message. “I have received so many blessings, I want to be able to spread them to others. One thing I like best about Mitt Romney is that he is obviously a man of faith, and has an inherent respect for the Lord, other people, and the country.”

Nowakowska recounts on of the best moments she had was meeting Romney in Warsaw, when he was there for a three-country world visit as part of his presidential campaign. She said, “Mitt was surprised to find a UCLA student in the crowd, but delighted. I will always remember how kind and attentive he was, as we spoke together for about 5 minutes on issues important to both Poland and America.”