A small group of conservative students at the University of Maryland recently staged a “No More Che Day” event to protest the glorification of Che Guevara.

Unsurprisingly, the event was not well received by liberal members of the student body.

Mitchell Witkes reports at the YAF blog.

No More Che Day brings out the worst in Liberals

No More Che Day at the University of Maryland was a real crash course in angry leftism.

A small group of my fellow conservatives and I were protesting the iconic narrative of Che Guevara, the socialist who killed thousands of innocent civilians in the name of revolution. All was well for the first two hours. Some people stopped to learn about some of the atrocities that have been swept under the rug for decades. Others were socialist sympathizers that merely laughed and moved on. Most perused our literature with mild interest, then simply moved on. Unfortunately, there was a small group that was clearly upset at our claims.

No, scratch that, they were infuriated.

We could see it brewing in one individual who took a picture of our Che Guevara posters and walked away. He later returned with some friends who immediately began challenging us on our claims. One of his friends took the lead and called us hypocrites because while we were expressing our disapproval of socialist oppression, we didn’t have signs denouncing America. America, he claimed, was the single most oppressive country on earth. According to him, the US and the CIA were committing genocide all over the world.

We sent our troops to kill women and children indiscriminately. It was then that I made my worst mistake: I smiled. I guess I was just struck by how wild that idea was. Now, I’m one who smiles often in conversation. I enjoy the marketplace of ideas and I believe that when two individuals voluntarily enter into a discussion, much can be learned on both sides.  This time, however, he took exception and called me “smug.” He said I didn’t care about the third world because I was a racist. Personally, I didn’t know what to say. I made multiple exasperated attempts to define myself to no avail. Clearly, these gentlemen did not come to our table for a conversation; they came to intimidate.

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