The exhibit is by a photographer named Loren Cameron and apparently it documents his transition from female to male.

The $4,000 fee includes a speech. Perry Chiaramonte of FOX News reports.

A Minnesota college is catching heat for planning a controversial event this semester on campus in which a transgender photographer will show a series of photographs that graphically depict his transition from a woman to a man.

The University of Minnesota-Duluth will be hosting and providing a $4,000 honorarium to California-based photographer Loren Cameron for his work entitled “Transgender Images,” according to non-profit education group Campus Reform. The group obtained emails from campus officials confirming the appearance.

“Mr. Cameron is being paid a flat fee of $4,000 which includes his speaker fee and all expenses,” reads a message from UMD’s director of human resources and equal opportunity in response to an inquiry from Campus Reform.

Another official responded to questions about the content of the presentation by only giving a date of Sept. 26 as when it will take place.

“UMD’s administration has spent thousands of dollars in public resources this year to support a radical and divisive agenda,” Campus Reform spokesman Josiah Ryan told “While President Lendley Black’s administration’s sponsorship of this sexually explicit presentation may satisfy a small minority on campus, it will surely offend many more students, alumni, and donors.”