It’s a shame that you can’t pay your rent with hope and change. For the record, this is not the failure of the college students who voted for Obama in 2008. This failure belongs to Obama alone.

John Rossomando of Red Alert Politics reports.

Millennial unemployment stuck at 12.7 percent in August

Unemployment among those between the ages of 18 and 30 remained stuck at a non-seasonally adjusted 12.7 percent in August, unchanged from July, according to Generation Opportunity.

That number does not include the 1.715 million young adults that are not counted as “unemployed” by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Generation Opportunity President Paul T. Conway said the fact overall unemployment has consistently about 8 percent for 42 straight months should be a cause for alarm.

“8.1 percent is not better than 8.3 percent if less Americans are looking for work,” Conway said. “Our belief is they (the Obama administration) has the absolute political incentive to get the number below 8.1 percent.

“It is looking more and more like a political survival game.”

But no amount of numerical manipulation can alter the fact less people who are participating in the workforce than when Barack Obama took office.

“Despite the rhetoric, my generation feels forgotten by President Obama. At a point, the promises of ‘hope and change’ just sound like hot air,” Alex Schriver, chairman of the College Republican National Committee, said in a statement.

“My generation has been disproportionately hurt by Obama’s economic policies. It will take more than celebrity endorsements and the same stump speeches to get young people to the polls for him this November,” Schriver added.