This incident happened back in June but should still be interesting for College Insurrection readers who want to know more about liberal bias on American college campuses.

Jeffrey Hart reported this in The Dartmouth Review.

The statement signed by 75 Dartmouth faculty members is so riddled with errors that it would not be worth comment, except that when the word “professor” precedes a name people are apt to assume that what follows is based on scholarly standards.

At the June 12 Commencement about a dozen graduating seniors and some in the audience stood up and turned their backs when former President George H.W. Bush was awarded an honorary degree. Many more were probably misled by the Dartmouth faculty statement but were unwilling to be rude.

I am especially concerned that Dartmouth undergraduates will believe the statements made in this accumulation of misinformation.  I will number the most egregious, and add the letter “a” as I provide the contradicting facts:

You can read Hart’s detailed examination of the letter at the link below.