As often happens, the liberals screaming for more diversity are the first ones to alienate anyone who disagrees with them.

So is the case at Vassar College according to Luka Ladan writing at The Miscellany News.

Unacknowledged bias in Vassar’s Rockefeller Hall

Vassar College is by all accounts a harmonious melting pot of completely different kinds of people. It’s far from a representation of the United States as a whole, but the openness demonstrated by administrators, professors, and students alike places Vassar ahead of and far beyond the metaphorical “diversity curve.” In a sense, Vassar seems like a utopian hodgepodge of everything different (ideas, styles, backgrounds, personalities, and beliefs) and symbolizes a world of tolerance and open-mindedness, even though it is a cultural outlier in actuality.

Within the Hudson Valley’s secluded Vassar bubble, you can be whoever and act however you wish. Well, this isn’t entirely true, of course, but as long as you don’t become some kind of notorious campus bandit, you are probably in the clear….

The recurring theme here is diversity, diversity, and more diversity. But, is Vassar’s culture truly this open-minded? Is Vassar College actually some sort of utopian society in which tolerance is exhibited toward all of its residents? ….

If you knew nothing about the United States’ political history since the 18th century and attended the start of one of these Political Science classes, you would be led to believe that almost everyone in the U.S. is a registered Democrat.

If the average Political Science course at Vassar served as a model of the nation’s electoral landscape as a whole, you would assume that almost every American leans to the left when it comes to social issues and economic policy. According to Vassar’s model, an overwhelming majority of Americans support gay marriage, abortion, and expansionary fiscal policies. Using the typical professor and batch of students in a Rocky classroom as the adequate sample size, American society becomes one in which conservatives are ridiculed and shunned. Anything right of center is construed as fundamentally wrong and inexplicable.

So, does this fit the definition of diversity? Diversity, diversity, and more diversity should be Vassar’s motto by now, but this perception of Vassar College as some sort of utopian society is just that. It is merely perception, falling far short of reality.