Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

They might just want to tone it down a bit.  And maybe spend more time studying.

Via Katie Cusumano of The Brown Daily Herald.

Nude art series addresses body image, sex

Many of us have witnessed the Naked Donut Run, been invited to a naked party or seen the ubiquitous FemSex and MSex posters. Discussions about sexuality and the body are not hard to come by at Brown.

But “Nudity in the Upspace,” a series of workshops and performances designed by Becca Wolinsky ’14 and Camila Pacheco-Fores ’14, took this dialogue one step further. The series invited the audience to “normalize nudity” and remove the stigma in a safe, comfortable and collaborative space, Wolinsky said.

The week featured an array of events including yoga, body painting and scenes from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” all conducted entirely in the nude.

Naked manifesto
At the beginning of each performance, Wolinsky and Pacheco-Fores explained the safe space guidelines for the event, all while disrobing.

“What is said here stays here, but what is learned here leaves here,” they repeated.

Cast members and coordinators then participated in a “talk-back” with the audience after the performance Thursday.

The performers discussed the power dynamics of being clothed versus being naked. Though the cast all performed in the nude, audience members were not obligated to remove their clothes.