Transgender mania has hit another college campus.

Red Alert Politics reports.

#IllGoWithYou: Oregon State University embraces transgender bathroom order

College campuses across the nation have been affected by the federal order to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity and not their biological gender. While North Carolina has gained recognition as a state opposing the directive, the governments of other states hurry to oblige.

Oregon State University, opting to support its transgender students, has begun handing out blue and pink pins that read “#IllGoWithYou.” Wearing the pins is a promise to accompany transgender students into any area where they may feel threatened, such as locker rooms or restrooms.

Cindy Konrad, assistant director of LGBT Services and Outreach, said that though the #IllGoWithYou campaign began slowly, it has recently grown more popular. “Now, we get six to 10 people coming in a day asking about the buttons,” she told Inside Higher Ed.

Pins began showing up on campus over a year ago, and since then, there have been an estimated 100,000 pins distributed. The movement has expanded from the campus of Oregon State and now, students across the nation can obtain a pin and information from the website.

Oregon State currently has 200 gender-neutral bathrooms. Many colleges across the nation are also adding gender-neutral bathrooms, including Yale University, New Mexico State University, and Duke University.

However, in some states, governments are questioning the legality of President Obama’s federal order to remove federal funding from schools that do not permit transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has encouraged colleges to reject the order and state legislators are among those questioning whether or not the federal government has the authority to issue such a directive.