This seems like an awfully expensive study. Don’t we already know the outcome?

The Daily Caller reports.

Public University Will Spend $402,249 Studying Academic Performance Of STONED COLLEGE STUDENTS

A trio of researchers at the taxpayer-funded University of Northern Colorado will spend $402,249 on a study investigating how heavy marijuana use by college students affects their academic performance and how hungry they are in terms of academic motivation.

The three-year study involving 150 dazed and confused college students will be funded with a grant from the National Institutes of Health, reports The Denver Post.

The professors behind the study are Kristina Phillips, Michael Phillips and Trent Lalonde. Their objective is to gain an understanding of how getting regularly stoned out of your ever-loving gourd relates to a host of issues including academic performance, academic persistence, depression, anxiety and cravings.

Kristina Phillips and Michael Phillips are both psychology professors. Lalonde is a professor of applied statistics.

The data to be used in the study will be collected by using text messages to ask the 150 students questions in real time. The researchers will also use academic records. It’s not clear how collecting three years of data in this way could cost $402,249.